Dobrogea is a land surrounded by the sweet waters of the Danube and comforted by the waves of the Black Sea. It is an area of ​​contrasts, a humid but drought-free region, a place with a history of over two thousand years, and also the youngest in Europe and a territory inhabited by people belonging to more than one ethnic group.

The Letea Forest is a wild area of ​​exceptional beauty and was declared a protected area a few years ago. Here, the lianas embrace the trees, wild horses unhindered, and the trees have rooted their roots in the sandy soil.

The newest territory of Europe, the Danube Delta, is the most complex flora and fauna reservation in Europe. This wonderful, ever-changing place is home to an impressive number of fish, birds and animals species. Glades, islands, reedbeds, lakes and canals merge into an idyllic landscape.

Also, the first Greek colony on the western shore of the Black Sea is located on the shores of  Sinoe Lake. It is the Histria fortress, the largest ancient city on the territory of our country.

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