Banat is Romania’s most western region is a well mix of multiculturalism, variety, history, traditions and culture, all set in a natural setting that encompasses both fruitful plains and mountainous areas with spectacular landscapes and places. Banat has many spectacular areas, one of which is the complexity and uniqueness of the Nerei Gorje . Located in Caraş-Severin County, the Nerei Gorge is the place where the famous Bigar Waterfall, known all over the world, has been designated by a specialist magazine, the most beautiful waterfall in the world.

Banat has a long history of wine production. The hillside area of ​​the Zarand Mountains is known by its wines and is an important landmark on the Wine Road.

The Pearl of Banat and the blessed place of thermal waters are in Caraş-Severin County. Baile Herculane resort has a history of two thousand years and was one of the populated, developed and highly appreciated by the Romans.

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